Together with Ekin

How would you like a trip towards the blue? Blend in a pinch of white into your journey, and a bit of green. Impressions of Bodrum, or Göcek? Add in a few fishing boats… Or stories arising from her soul her heart, her consciousness? Woven as quiet and plain as it can get… Mastership skill and well absorbed… A sensitivity that is woven with conscience and a relation formed subtly with the admirer… Despite the plain and quiet surface, leaves us all facing our own personal longings and dreams.

Nothing too many or too few, Ekin Nayır has not lost the sensitivity I have expressed about one of her exhibitions a couple of years ago.

Sometimes linear, mostly light and dark patches, images and stories are enriched by the strong “abstract”. Embracing and heart warming despite the repetitive blue, and maybe because of the repetitive blue… Occasionally while birds turn into symbolic
images, her looks glide down from a birds’ eye view into successful compositions, overcoming with grace the difficulties of the linear borders that she often uses….

To be honest, I really liked Ekin Nayır’s latest work. I am not going to say she’s playing for the tops now, obviously she’s long ago past that stage..
Please go see it, I’m sure you will feel the happiness I felt in there.


Abdülkadir GÜNYAZ

2001 Kile Art Gallery

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