following the blue …

Ekin Nayır and the eternal silence of the color blue… The magical dance of nature that nurtures all the colors of the rainbow with the deepest blue of the seas…

Her passion for Göcek that has started with the dream of a far-away village is subtly transformed from striking but vague images of blue to more tangible objects. Tiny fishing boats on wild blue waters have recently emerged waiting to be further shaped. Bits and pieces of Ekin Nayır’s life in the village start to appear in her paintings. Details that are not clearly apparent to the naked eye are integrated in her new work as branches of colorful trees or ragged fishermen’s nets.

Nothing is ‘as it seems’ in Ekin’s paintings; everything is a synthesis of careful observation of everyday moments in conjuncture with a newly-formed life-style. Calm and quiet yet as eternal as can be……

Blue is always dominant in her paintings, but not alone as it used to be. It is in undefinable harmony with friendly colors such as green, purple, orange and pink… If only more of us were able to express the wilderness of the nature with such calmness and tranquility as she has so successfully portrayed.

Aslı Sağıroğlu

2003 Hobi Art Gallery


2003 Hobi Sanat galerisi

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