My painting is my word
everything I planned to say, I told.
I wonder if you feel the same way too
what is left behind
if the color is blue.


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If your heart wants to fall
for the blue
magic of the purple
be happy for the hope,
your dreams and your love
will take you faraway.


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red burns me down allright
from the deepest part of my heart
blue cools my inside
green means peace to me
purple is the place of mystery
yellow brightens everything I see
orange is the stimulator for me
all the colors of the rainbow
get together in a row
when I start to paint what I really know


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“How lovely to halt and rest- and then go on your way,
Not frozen nor muddled, to stay fresh by flowing away.
Yesterday is past and gone-so are your words of yesterday:
How lovely to find for each new day something fresh to say.”

Our choices make us who we are don’t they? I owe myself a pat in the back for mine. Though I sometimes feared, I always went after the new, the unknown. It wore me out at times, but everything I dearly wished, was ultimately realized. My life style and my work of art changed for better, trimming and balancing each other, enriching at the same parallel. Within the endlessness of nature, my utmost challenge was to create another one. I felt responsible to remind people of it; those who cease
to see the beauty, worn out by the weight of their own beings… I tried to display what we are surrounded with every day, in a different new package..
As my awareness forms my artwork at this point of my life I am happy to see that I am fresh by the flow, not frozen nor muddled.

Today I have something fresh to say, so I will tomorrow.
New days, new paintings will be trimmed with my new sayings…


Ekin Nayır 2005

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following the blue …

Ekin Nayır and the eternal silence of the color blue… The magical dance of nature that nurtures all the colors of the rainbow with the deepest blue of the seas…

Her passion for Göcek that has started with the dream of a far-away village is subtly transformed from striking but vague images of blue to more tangible objects. Tiny fishing boats on wild blue waters have recently emerged waiting to be further shaped. Bits and pieces of Ekin Nayır’s life in the village start to appear in her paintings. Details that are not clearly apparent to the naked eye are integrated in her new work as branches of colorful trees or ragged fishermen’s nets.

Nothing is ‘as it seems’ in Ekin’s paintings; everything is a synthesis of careful observation of everyday moments in conjuncture with a newly-formed life-style. Calm and quiet yet as eternal as can be……

Blue is always dominant in her paintings, but not alone as it used to be. It is in undefinable harmony with friendly colors such as green, purple, orange and pink… If only more of us were able to express the wilderness of the nature with such calmness and tranquility as she has so successfully portrayed.

Aslı Sağıroğlu

2003 Hobi Art Gallery


2003 Hobi Sanat galerisi

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Together with Ekin

How would you like a trip towards the blue? Blend in a pinch of white into your journey, and a bit of green. Impressions of Bodrum, or Göcek? Add in a few fishing boats… Or stories arising from her soul her heart, her consciousness? Woven as quiet and plain as it can get… Mastership skill and well absorbed… A sensitivity that is woven with conscience and a relation formed subtly with the admirer… Despite the plain and quiet surface, leaves us all facing our own personal longings and dreams.

Nothing too many or too few, Ekin Nayır has not lost the sensitivity I have expressed about one of her exhibitions a couple of years ago.

Sometimes linear, mostly light and dark patches, images and stories are enriched by the strong “abstract”. Embracing and heart warming despite the repetitive blue, and maybe because of the repetitive blue… Occasionally while birds turn into symbolic
images, her looks glide down from a birds’ eye view into successful compositions, overcoming with grace the difficulties of the linear borders that she often uses….

To be honest, I really liked Ekin Nayır’s latest work. I am not going to say she’s playing for the tops now, obviously she’s long ago past that stage..
Please go see it, I’m sure you will feel the happiness I felt in there.


Abdülkadir GÜNYAZ

2001 Kile Art Gallery

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